Feel An Urge To Spend? Here Are 5 Tips For Mindful Shopping

Give it your full attention

“When you are shopping, make it your business to be present in the moment and give the task your full attention, rather than thinking about what else you have to do,” Lauren explains. Otherwise, you’ll rush through the decision-making process and will be more likely to forget your intention and/or give into distractions.

Consider if you would pay full-price for an item

While saving money is never a bad thing, Williams says too many people are tempted by a sale without considering if they have use for the item. “If the only reason you’re buying something is because it’s a bargain, that ends up costing you in the long run,” she explains. When you’re allured by a deal, Williams suggests asking yourself if you would pay full price for whatever has your attention. If not, think twice.

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