21 Female Entrepreneurs On The Book That Changed Everything

21 Passion to Create: Your Invitation to Celebrate

“This read is the autobiography of Cheryl Cecchetto, the woman at the helm of the company that has produced dozens of galas for the Emmys, Academy Awards, and hundreds of other star-studded events. Aside from getting to be a fly on the wall for juicy Hollywood stories, this book captures the essence of everything it means to be a true entrepreneur and is chock-full of lessons. It explains how to play to win and work with big corporate clients — only with the zing of Hollywood grandeur and hilarity. Having it all planned that your life will go one way, but then following your God-given gifts to huge success in another. Living a big, enormous life. Figuring out how to handle the dumpster-fire debacles you just couldn’t make up if you tried. Whenever I need to laugh, to be inspired to create something new, or to remember none of this really matters anyway, I go to my shelf and pick a chapter from this book.” —Angelique Rewers, CEO of The Corporate Agent

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