9 Travel Influencers Share The Products They Never Leave Home Without

2 Source Naturals Wellness Formula Herbal Defense Complex ($32 for 240 count; amazon.com)

What it is: A daily supplement

Who loves it: Travel journalist Kinga Philipps, who writes two travel stories, hosts for the Travel Channel and is a regular contributor to plenty of publications and broadcasts

Why it’s awesome: After months of travel from Ethiopia to Peru to remote islands off Scotland and mountain tops in Jordan, our worn out, sleep deprived, banged up and thoroughly spent team collectively agreed that this formula was pure magic,” she says. “It’s designed to support the immune system when under physical stress — and nothing quite says physical stress like traveling to remote and exotic destinations, trekking through jungles, and exposing your system to all sorts of new microbes. The fact is that when you are hosting a show or covering a story, you don’t have time to get sick.”


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