9 Travel Influencers Share The Products They Never Leave Home Without

9 LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles ($37; amazon.com)

What it is: A travel water bottle with a built-in filter

Who loves it: Kristen Gill, an award-winning travel journalist and international photographer who has produced series for BBC’s The World, Public Radio International, NPR, Travel Weekly, Time Out, and many more

Why it’s awesome: “Everywhere you go, you need fresh water. Even more so when you travel and get dehydrated on planes. This water bottle allows me to steer clear of the single-use plastic bottles that are littering our earth and oceans. It also filters any water source to make it drinkable, which is great when you are visiting locations where you might not know the safety of the water,” she says. “Plus, if you’re an adventurer like me, having one of these bottles on the trail means I can drink fresh water from lakes and rivers, reducing the water weight I need to carry. A win/win for you…and the environment.”

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