9 Products You Need To Rep Your Zodiac Sign

Between following astrology meme accounts, reading horoscope columns, and checking co-star apps religiously, it’s safe to say society has become somewhat obsessed with zodiac signs and the wisdom the stars have to offer. In case you need more proof, women are literally getting astrology signs tattooed on their faces. And as astrology has caught on, of course, so have the personalized products that accompany it. Cool-girl labels like Vetements and J.Crew have tapped the market with sign-inspired tees while beauty brands like Milk Makeup and Urban Decay are drawing inspiration from constellations.

Astrology is officially a chic accessory — one you can incorporate into your wardrobe, wellness routine, and home. As Rebecca Gordon, leading astrologer, author, presenter, and founder of My Path Astrology, previously explained to GLAM, astrology “provides an easy way to say something personal and complex.” So, it makes sense this thought is taking physical form; it provides a framework for loads of personalized merch. And trust us, there is a growing supply. Whether you’re looking to rep your sign or buy zodiac gifts for your friends, these astrology products are a good place to start.


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