How To Encourage Your Stars To Align In The New Year

For many, the holiday season means a marathon of parties, long-distance travel, shopping lists, family time, and…heaps of stress. Some good news? As this year moves into the next, the cosmic outlook appears to be downright heavenly. We turned to three astrological experts to help us sync our holiday seasons to the secrets of the cosmos, and share their top tips for based on 2020 horoscope. It may sound a little new-agey, but don’t let that dissuade you. If you’re into self-care, personal growth, and gaining insight, you’re already the perfect candidate to let the stars guide you. 

As cosmically-inclined folks will tell you, everything we experience — from earthly occurrences to the inner-workings of the psyche — have corresponding, planetary explanations. And right now, the outlook is good. “This is the best holiday season we have had in years,” raves Susan Miller, founder of Astrology Zone, and one of the leading astrologers of our time. December’s transits, or astrological occurrences, tell us oodles of info on the season to come, and the experts reveal what’s to come in the year ahead. Read on to learn what our experts have to say, then shop a few of our cosmically-inspired picks curated based on the expert advice we received.

December 25, 2019: A sweet eclipse full of opportunity

“All year, we’ve been having eclipses,” says Miller. “And they’ve been hard — some of them, really challenging.” The function of eclipses, she explains, are to help us move forward in life. Often, during these times, we are exposed to new information that might be difficult to process, but which is crucial for our personal growth and moving forward. That’s why, upon realizing that the next solar eclipse would fall directly on Christmas Day, Miller was initially dismayed. But as she examined more closely, she excitedly discovered that this will actually be, “the sweetest eclipse in the whole world, filled with opportunity.”

In all, it consists of five heavenly bodies — the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn — entering into the same astrological house of the zodiac, Capricorn. The presence of Saturn, a planet associated with hard-earned growth, would normally indicate some degree of difficulty. (No pain, no gain, y’know?) But as Miller explains, Saturn’s position is far enough away from that it softens the effects of the brutally growthful planet. Basically, we’re off the hook this once — and this should be a genuinely happy eclipse. “This is incredible,” she raved. “Happy, happy news!”

Jessica Lanyadoo, author and host of Ghost of a Podcast, elaborates on this influence. For some of us, family gatherings are joyful celebrations. However, for others, Lanyadoo warns that family time can end up being rocky or draining, to put it nicely. The solar eclipse indicates that there will be big emotions coming up, as well as significant opportunities to deepen your relationships with others, your goals, and even with yourself. Her pro-tip for surviving this eclipse is to sync your actions with your intentions. “The eclipse is a fruitful time to align our actions with what gives us life,” she says, advising us to “act in ways that reflect what we believe in.”

December 27, 2019: The luckiest day of the year

“The luckiest day of the year is when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter,” says Miller, referring to a harmonious positioning that can occur between two planets. “This is because Jupiter is the giver of gifts and luck, and the sun multiplies those benefits several times over.” Think of this planetary aspect, or positive interaction, as a lucky break, or a burst of happiness, she adds.

To maximize the benefits of this planetary alignment, Miller recommends making plans before the 27th in order to take advantage of the building astrological influence. Why? Because in the days, hours, and moments leading up to this alignment, the positive energy of the planetary relationship will be continually building. Once the exact positioning occurs, the energetic influence peaks; after the planets align, the energy begins to dissipate as they move away from each other on their respective orbits.

“If you’re in love, I know you want to go out on New Year’s Eve,” she begins. “But what I’d really like you to do is [to plan something] on December 26 or 27, because the lucky of these days only happens once a year.” Of course, you can still go out on New Year’s Eve — but Miller’s advice is that you’ll also want to take advantage of the cosmic blessings coming our way December 26 and 27, too.

Kristine Fredheim, spiritual advisor and psychic medium, adds that the year closes with emphasis on ambition, accomplishment, and forward movement. Next year will be what is called a universal “4” year, she explains, meaning it will be all about setting the foundations for new growth and stability in our lives. “Remember that what we do today has an effect on the future, and every step you take towards creating stability now will set you up for future success,” says Fredheim. “2020 will be a big year with tremendous potential for positive growth.”

January 1, 2020: A fresh start to a new decade

When the Moon moves into Aries, a sign associated with fresh starts and new beginnings, it is an especially fitting transit for the start of a new year. However, Lanyadoo notes that it would be wise not to over-book yourself — be sure to set aside some ‘me-time’ for self-care. “This month will bring so much intensity and transformation,” she continues. “You would be wise not to overextend yourself with commitments that take a great deal of emotional energy.”

As Lanyadoo explains, January 9 (when there is a lunar eclipse in Cancer), and January 12 (when there is a great Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn) are dates to look out for. “These transits are likely to bring up powerful emotions that confront you with your shadow,” Lanyadoo notes. However difficult this might be, these experiences yield personal growth and transformation. 

In other words, all signs point to outstanding “new year, new you” potential in 2020. After getting schooled in what the holiday season holds cosmically, plus a glimpse at the 2020 horoscope, enjoy a mix of our favorite moment-of-zen in the midst of the holidays products and the cutest astrologically-inspired treats to get you through it in one piece.

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