Why Social Media Is Obsessing Over A Simple Cable-Knit Sweater

‘Tis the season for sweater weather content, and there’s no denying the appeal of a classic cable-knit sweater. But what would cause a widespread fixation, like the one we’re currently seeing on social media, with such a basic piece of clothing? The answer is Chris Evans.

As The Hollywood Reporter first pointed out, Twitter users are obsessing over the sweaters he sports for his role in the new murder mystery film Knives Out, specifically an unassuming, white cable-knit sweater.

“The only thing I will say about Knives Out is that, upon seeing Chris Evans in a sweater, the girl next to me gasped and said very softly and tenderly, ‘Sweater,'” tweeted film reporter Anna Menta. And others were quick to chime in with similar appreciation posts.

Though the film’s costume designer Jenny Eagan jokes that she isn’t sure if “it’s the sweater or who’s wearing the sweater,” she told the The Hollywood Reporter the styling choice was intentional, referring to his character, Ransom, a privileged white male.

“He’d grown up privileged and used his money to buy fancy cars, to buy fancy clothes, but you could tell that he didn’t necessarily appreciate those things,” she said, adding, “Wealthy people can always wear white — nothing ever gets dirty.”

Of course, it’s no secret that cable-knit sweaters are a seasonal staple, the crown jewel of knits if you will, and pose no real risk of ever going out of style. That’s because they pair well with everything, from skinny jeans and wide-leg trousers to maxi skirts. You can even layer one over a dress and look effortlessly put-together.

Evans just further proves their (sex) appeal. “Oh yeah, well, you know. It’s hard to look bad in a cable-knit sweater,” the actor told Extra TV, laughing off the thirsty takes online. Plus, winter white is always a good idea.

And while Eagen doesn’t remember the exact brand of his white cable-knit sweater from the film, there are plenty of similar styles to shop. From classic sweaters to some with a little added flare, keep scrolling to get the look.


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