Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reveal Wedding Florist With Awe-Inspiring Arrangements

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With just weeks leading up to the big day, Royal Wedding planning is well under way. Prince Harry is set to marry Meghan Markle on May 19 at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, and with each passing day, new details of the much-anticipated event—from the walk down the aisle to the lemon elderflower wedding cake to the star-studded guest list—are revealed. Now, we have even more wedding day deets: On Sunday, Kensington Palace announced that the couple has chosen Philippa Craddock as the official florist. The London-based florist will design the floral arrangements and direct a team of florists on the grounds to create displays for both the ceremony and reception to follow at St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle.

Craddock, who is self-taught in the art of floristry, has become known as the “Queen of London florists.” According to the website, her clients include Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Hermes, and Jo Malone, and she is no stranger to the royal family either, being a preferred supplier to Kensington Palace. A quick scroll through Instagram will confirm why—her floral arrangements are awe-inspiring.

“I am thrilled to share with you that we have been asked by Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle to create their wedding flowers in May,” Craddock wrote of the news on Instagram. “I am loving working with them, it is an incredible privilege, and the designs will be a true reflection of them as a couple, with sustainability at the forefront. We will be using plenty of locally sourced greenery, including peonies, garden roses, and foxgloves.”

The couple has made it very clear that their wedding will reflect their characters and personalities, so it comes as no surprise that Markle has chosen to use peonies in her arrangements as she has long shared her fondness for the flower. “Meghan has been very hands on with all elements of the wedding, but especially the flowers,” a royal source told Vanity Fair, hinting at a “very fashionable and fairy tale” vision.

The couple will also use flowers sourced locally from the gardens of the Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park that bloom naturally in May. Not only will the flowers be environmentally-friendly, but pollinator-friendly (aka bee-friendly) plants will be provided, too. Keeping in line with their charitable endeavors, the floral arrangements will be donated to charities after the wedding.

Check out some of Craddock’s designs below.

So, about this weekend – I am always humbled by and full of gratitude for the level of teamwork required to bring a wedding (or party!) to life, from the clients who entrust us to make the backdrop to their perfect day, the planners who work TIRELESSLY (you always amaze me by the level of detail, the immense juggling acts, the hoops you need to jump through – “hats off” to every single one of you exemplary planners) the kind, creative and results driven @designsceneww were behind this beautiful creation (an extraordinary job guys, you should be feeling incredibly proud of yourselves), our flower and foliage growers (for this wedding we relied on four different suppliers, both in the U.K. and overseas – each one supplied perfect blooms, as always, thank you), all the companies who are so supportive and considerate of each other whilst working on site – the awesome @foodstorylondon, the production crew, both furniture (and linen) suppliers @joneshire and @greathireltd, the devine @peboryon and the orchestra keeping us going with their powerful music (need to remember their name!) and finally, our amazing, talented, beautiful, extraordinarily hardworking and never failing to smile(!) team, you nailed it – Keeley, Caite, Amelia, Emma, Julia, Andy, Andrew, the two Petars and Anthony (plus Hattie and Norie behind the scenes with studio prep and sourcing) – I said it at the time, it is very well having a vision, but it is nothing without the team around you, thank you, thank you xx

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