10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For A Daily Dose Of Female Empowerment

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It’s no secret that the Internet can be an unpleasant place for women. Between trolls sharing unsolicited opinions and brands selling you ways to enhance your body, female empowerment can seem scarce. Logging onto Instagram can easily result in head-spinning negativity, which is why choosing who to follow is so important. Luckily, there are so many positive, supportive communities online that are reminding women of their unique strength. Here are 10 of the best Instagram accounts that guarantee a daily dosage of female empowerment.



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Your LOL for this new week! ( via @shrillsociety )

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Founded by feminist powerhouse Candice Reels, this account mixes in “your weekly LOL” with memes of encouragement and wisdom.



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I’ve heard today that the agency that dropped me for being too big a few years ago (when I was a UK size 6/US 2) is STILL telling girls who are that size (or slightly bigger – a size 8/4 at most) that they need to lose weight in order to get work or be pushed to clients. ? I got a DM today off one model at this agency who says she isn’t being pushed for any jobs because she’s not small enough. (I’d use the word ‘allegedly’ but we all know it’s true and so do they, just like it was true when I was with them.) She’s really upset, saying that she’s been called out by them for not ‘toning up’ quickly enough (yeah, we all know what that means) and that she isn’t as ‘determined’ as the other girls when it comes to getting down to a certain size/measurements – and that she clearly isn’t taking her job seriously enough. I mean… WHAT?! ??? She’s a size 8! Most women in the UK are a size 14/16!!! You’re trying to tell me that as an agent, you’re not going to push one of your models (who’s done HUGE jobs, by the way) until she becomes a clone of the smaller runway girls?! Haven’t you got the confidence to push someone you represent to casting directors, clients and other agencies, all because she’s a size 8 and not a size 4?! And you want to know what the best bit about this is? The same agency HAS NOW OPENED A CURVE DIVISION!!! ? I mean, wow – talk about jumping on the diversity bandwagon in order to make a quick buck. While the fashion industry still has a while to go in terms of representation, this really makes a mockery of the many people within this industry trying to push diversity for GENUINE reasons. ??‍♀️ Also, let’s not forget that the same shit was said to me a few years ago when I was with them – that I would never make it in New York (or as a model in general) because I wasn’t small/toned/tall enough – and now I’ve been living in New York for the past three years, living my best life & working with clients who book me for me – CURVES AND ALL! (see pic above!)??So, to the agency who’s doing it… take a long, hard look at yourselves. You’re not only damaging your models, but the girls looking up to you as well. #ProgressOverProfit

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Model, writer, and activist Charli Howard shares her life as a curve model in eating disorder recovery on her inspiring Instagram page. Howard gained attention after her former agency dropped her for being “too big,” prompting her to write a Facebook post all about the incident. Since then, she’s embraced her true shape and paved the way for other models to speak out on their body shaming experiences.



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Last week, we had the privilege of hosting a panel of sex workers and activists at The Wing moderated and organized by our member @sxnoir and featuring @doroshow @thegizellemarie @msfitz & @liararoux. The Unpacking Sex Work Stigma event was an incredible evening of sharing, honesty and education, and we are incredibly grateful to all of the panelists for their time and for making this important discussion possible. The panelists covered real issues from censorship, laws and the policies that impact and disempower the sex work community to the systemic hardships this community faces and how we can better support them. As some of you may have seen on social over the past few days, there were grievances expressed from both our moderator and panelists around how we handled communication regarding compensation to the participants. As a means to get on the same page, reset and ensure all voices were heard, we have since met with @sxnoir to handle this issue directly and are ensuring that all panelists from last week’s event feel appropriately compensated for their time. While everyone involved has agreed there were missteps in communication around this matter, we are confident about taking steps forward together as a community. We’re grateful to @sxnoir for putting together this panel, and we will continue to hold conversations for the SW community at The Wing. We will always work to ensure that the sex worker community feels supported, seen and empowered at The Wing.

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This community gives women a safe space, both online and IRL, to share ideas, spark conversations, and feel empowered.



This platform focuses on empowering women at work (#entrefemmeur), highlighting women across New York City who discuss their career paths and share advice.



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In case you needed any other reasons to celebrate the record number of women running for president ? ? ? #SheShouldRun #250KBY2030

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She Should Run is a national nonprofit organization that strives to encourage women to run for positions of public leadership — something that’s sorely needed right now.



Cecile Richards may be the former president of Planned Parenthood, but that doesn’t mean she’s done fighting for women’s rights. Her Instagram is full of snippets of her life as a mother, wife, and continued activist.



Sustain is a sexual wellness company bringing women “natural, vagina-friendly” products, as well as using their platform to promote sex positivity and female empowerment.



This initiative celebrates women of all shapes and sizes, encouraging women to love themselves for exactly who they are.



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All hail our feminist queen. ?? @gloriasteinem {#WomensHistoryMonth ?by the fabulous @nathgonzart}

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This media company is promoting female empowerment by putting powerful, strong women at the forefront of business and entrepreneurship.



Founded by former Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso, Girlboss is a “digital community for ambitious women”, providing content and resources relating to career, finance, and wellness.

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