Common Concealer Mistakes You Might Be Making

how to apply concealer

Concealer is a godsend. It can hide the most stressful days and the latest nights, plus the damage left from one too many glasses of wine. But for under-eye concealer to work in your favor, it requires the proper application. Apply it wrong and you’ll look even worse than before you caked it on. “If you’re someone with extreme dark circles, whether caused by genetics or lifestyle factors, not utilizing the best technique will leave your under-eye area looking cakey, creased, and unnatural,” says Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of Entitled Beauty. Here, the most common mistakes, according to makeup artists, plus how to apply concealer for best results.

Not testing the concealer

With countless concealers to choose from, it’s important to spend time selecting the shade that’s right for you. “Plenty of retailers let you test out products before you buy them, or they will let you return opened products that just weren’t the best for you,” says Hillary Kline, a Minneapolis-based makeup artist. If you can’t swatch the shade before you leave the store, choose a concealer that is no more than one shade lighter than your foundation color for the most seamless fit.

Not thinking about color correction

On that note, it’s also important to look at undertones. To counteract unwanted discoloration and dark circles, Los Angeles-based makeup artist Robyn Fisher suggests an orange-tinted concealer for blue shadows and a yellow-tinted concealer for purple shadows. “When you layer on an opposite color, it optically neutralizes,” she explains.

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