These 9 Influencer-Founded Beauty Brands Are The Ones You Should Know

There is no denying the impact of social media. In 2020, the influencer economy is said to reach $10 billion in value. Influencers of all different sorts and sizes (of followings, that is) are everywhere. They’re collaborating with big beauty brands and stamping their names on clothes and eyeshadow palettes galore.

A select few, however, have used their platforms to launch beauty brands that go beyond their names. These are not just collaborations, but full-fledged businesses developing products that just so happen to match the aesthetic or ideology of their founders. From an affordable take on clean beauty to the brand the original beauty influencer created (hello, Michelle Phan) to the most followed beauty brand on the ‘gram (we see you, Huda), each of these influencer-founded beauty brands makes products we love, and we think you will too. Read on to discover our faves.


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