This Will Be The ‘It’ Haircut Of 2019

angled bob

If you’re anything like us, the new year probably has you craving a little change, and there’s no better way to mix things up than with a new haircut. So, we’ll cut right to the chase: 2019 is going to be the year of the angled bob, mark our words.

Sure, bobs are nothing new and always seem to be trendy, but this modern version is unlike what we’ve seen in the past. Whereas last year the long, layered, and textured bob was all the rage, this new version is shorter and more precise, with minimal layering, says John Mouzakis, a stylist at Mixed Co. Salon in Chicago. “It’s all about rounded styling in the back at the nape of your neck, and sharp angles flowing forward towards your jawline,” he explains.

The style is ever-growing in popularity, with celebs like Bella Hadid, Margot Robbie, and Hailey Bieber sporting this chic cut. But unlike the other trendy looks as of late (hello, pixie cut), this also has the unique distinction of being universally-flattering. It flatters the face much more so than boxy bobs or other short cuts above the shoulder because of the diagonal way in which it slopes towards the jawline and collarbone, notes Mouzakis.

To that point, this is one cut that can also work well for almost any and every hair texture, from super curly to straight. (The only type of hair it’s not especially ideal for is a super thick texture, advises Mouzakis, since there’s not enough length to help balance out the thickness and keep your hair from looking too poofy or square).

Want to get in on the trend? Ask your stylist for a solid and precise shape, since this cut is all about clean lines without too much texturizing or layering, Mouzakis points out. In terms of actual length in the front, it can hit anywhere from chin to collarbone; let your stylist determine what they think would be most flattering on you.

Also nice: There’s no shortage of ways to wear this versatile cut, since the angled bob truly can be styled anyway, says Mouzakis. Try wearing it smooth and sleek and creating a deep side part to play up on the vintage feel. Or let it air dry for a more tousled texture and tuck it behind one ear for an asymmetric look. To dress it up for a night out, play with fun accessories; the shorter length and clean lines make it the perfect canvas to show off metallic bobby pins or oversized barrettes.

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