19 Celebrity No-Makeup Selfies We Can’t Stop Staring At

Before social media became what it is now, we rarely saw celebrities in their natural state (barring those horrible pap photos in tabloids). Instead, we were bombarded with images of our favorite stars who are dolled up to perfection on the red carpet. Of course, we love seeing these ultra-glam looks, but it’s so refreshing to see celebrities without makeup.

More and more, stars are letting us into their lives through their social media accounts, proving what we all know to be true but certainly question at times: they’re human. Sure, they have access to the top dermatologists and the priciest products, but they also get wrinkles and zits and dark circles just like every other human. No-makeup selfies have become a bit of a trend among celebs, and we can’t get enough of their stripped down yet impossibly beautiful faces.

Here are our favorite bare-faced shots from the stars you know and love.

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